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Book Review: Power from the Sun by Dan Chiras, with Robert Aram and Kurt Nelson

This is a very positive review of a book about solar electric systems for home use. The review was written by Frank Kaminski on the Seattle Peak Oil awareness site.

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Do you see Dan Chiras's book, "Power from the Sun" the next step in flushing out more detail in providing access or acceleration for "Home and Alternative Energy" solutions in our District of Sustainable N.E. Seattle? If so, what would it look like?

I want to commend you on a great job of outlining Odum's take on the "4th Law of Thermodynamics" at last week's meeting. I really think this is important as an introduction to self-organizing systems in maximizing useful power. It also puts light on other potential power sources like Combined Heating and Power and co-generation opportunities that I think have been overlooked.

Bill Aston


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