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Healthy soil is the hallmark of a vibrant, sustainable garden, because it provides a strong foundation for all that grows there. Building healthy soil creates the optimal conditions for lawn and garden plants to thrive, develop resistance to pests and diseases, and out-compete the weeds. Kknowing the makeup of your existing soil. Is an important factor in how much organic matter will be needed to build healthy soil, and ow ofthen organic matter will need to be renewed to maintain soil health. Making your own compost is an easy way to conserve your yard’s natural resources, save money, and create the best food for your plants. Mulching bare soil is vital to protecting it from compaction and erosion, and providing a slow-release of important micronutrients.

This class will provide you with tried-and-true techniques for building and maintaining healthy soil, easy ways of making compost, proper mulching methods for trees, shrubs, perennials, and edibles, and best practices for fertilizing. In addition to the classroom time, this class will include an outdoor portion with hands-on mulching demonstrations.

Cost: $30; $40 after June 20

Register Online, or by phone (206-685-8033)

Taught by Emily Bishton - Green Light Gardening

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