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The Steering Committee has reviewed, commented, and agreed that this draft is ready to be published.  At our February General Meeting we will open up the discussion of how to proceed with amending the document before the anticipated adoption at the May Annual Meeting.

Please read and attend on Thursday of this week.  We need and want your input.

Between February and May we will schedule meetings to refine the language.  All are welcome to participate in this process.  Look forward to future announcements when the schedule is clarified.

Keep in mind that we are attempting to raise the bar in our approach to community organizations.  This is why we need everyone to contribute their energies to making Sustainable NE Seattle a new paradigm of grassroots action.


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The following comments were sent to me (Keith M) with the request that they be considered in the discussion:

Hi Folks,

     I cannot attend the meeting Thurs, Feb 21, and just want to share a few comments I have regarding Article I.

   In starting to read these, I can see how important they are!  I have made some comments below; and be forewarned: I am a stickler for details, both a curse and a blessing.

 1.3  under the fifth bullet  now reads, "Participate fully in the...."
      I suggest delete "fully" since it is hard to define and full participation in all local and global networks might be difficult at times.

 1.4  first bullet:  "...regardless of race, age, religion, sexual preference or economic status...."   [added "sexual preference"]  To be strictly inclusive maybe we should include "gender preference" for those who are either born with gender ambivalence or who choose a different gender from the apparent birth gender.  I just read a book, "How To Be Gay" and gained a lot of respect for people who are often not included in our mainstream ethos.


   A couple of places we refer to the "corporation": are we a corporation?  or an organization?  or a community organization?  I'm not sure.

      I completely understand that these thoughts may or may not be useful; I so appreciate all of you attending Thursday night and your work on this.

      Have a wonderful week,

Sarah McElroy

I'd like to remind everyone that the steering committee wants everyone to share in the process of making our by-laws the best that they can be.  Even if you can't make it to tonights' meeting (21 Feb) or to the meetings to follow, this forum is a means to being heard.

We will be announcing a series of meetings, between now and the May Annual Meeting to revise and finalize the draft of the by-laws.  Our hope is to make all the changes necessary prior to that meeting, when we will poll those in attendance and hopefully adopt our by-laws.

Here a couple of grammatical corrections that need to be made to the draft bylaws:
1.5 Change "principle address" to "principal address".
3.8 Change "its' discretion" to "its discretion" (i.e., the apostrophe needs to be removed).

Hi All,

Attached is an annotation of the draft bylaws document based on our discussion from the February 21 meeting. I've put a summary of the discussion in green below the relevant paragraphs. If we've omitted key points in people's recollection, please let us know. Those who are interested in being part of the ongoing discussion, please let us know that as well.





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