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I am trying to set up a drip irrigation system in my garden beds for as little money as possible so if anyone has some scrap pieces I would be glad to help them do some weeding or move things around as needed. Or if anyone has good pointers on the right spot to go for a timer and drip setup that would be great news as well. Thanks!

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Hi Paul,  Dripworks is the best place to go for low pressure drip and microspray irrigation supplies.  They are in California and the shipping is really quick.  They also provide design advice.

If you have a business license they will sell to you wholesale, with a generous discount.

You may check out Steuber's in the town of Snohomish; they have gobs of irrigation stuff.  They don't have a website. 

Loads of drip irrigation is available from the Ace on 90th and Roosevelt (if they don't have it, they can order it!) or from where I work, Greenwood Hardware.  You can also order anything we don't have on hand through the True Value website and have it delivered free to the store.


My advice is to put in something simple.  The connectors add up to a LOT of money and fail after a few years.  I am considering taking out all the irrigation to my veggie beds and just leaving what I have to the orchards and bushes around the perimeter.  And it was not cheap.  You are welcome to come take a look at my irrigation if you want, I have incorporated just about everything there is.


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