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SHORELINE VOTES TO KILL YOUR BARKING DOG.... absurd of course isn't it? However, the city of Shoreline will likely pass a rooster ban that means anyone who has a rooster will have to adopt it out (highly unlikely) or euthanize it. The worst part is that Shoreline makes not provision for pets that are not raised for food or financial gain. One beautiful old rooster, who has been hand raised by a 10... year old boy since he was a toddler of 4 stands to be euthanized despite the young boy's tearful begging for mercy at a recent Shoreline City Counsel meeting. This rooster, who sleeps in a specially soundproofed/lightproofed coop to prevent crowing, is 100% a pet, makes no more noise during the day than your average dog, less noise than your average parrot, and is a much loved member of this Shoreline family, is unlikely to be adopted and very likely to be torn away from the little boy who loves him and killed. Simply because the City of Shoreline could not take the humane step of "grandfathering" in existing birds (which many municipalities that have banned roosters have done in order to be fair to their residents and countless children who have hand raised these feathered pets).

So.... please contact the City of Shoreline by phone or email at the following contact numbers if you are appalled by this in-humane, in-sensitive and "big brother" move by the city counsel...

Rachael Markle
Director of Planning and Community Development
City of Shoreline WA


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