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Anyone have upholstery skills?  I still have 2 solid maple easy chairs which need re-upholstery.  Such heavy maplewood is not even available anymore.  I will gladly donate them.  I don't know how to upholster and that seems a rare skill in 2016  I don't need the chairs, but would love to save them from landfill.

Also, Seattle ReCreative Art Thrift store has some huge rolls of thick upholstry fabric as well as regular fabric for other crafting projects.  Never buy office or art supplies again.  It is all available for nearly nothing at this shop on Greenwood Avenue N.  See their website for details.

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We recently started a Reskilling guild and one of the classes requested was a simple reupholstering class. Would you be interested in learning this? We are still in the beginning stages of scheduling classes so I don't know when it will be offered, but I thought I would offer that option (hold on to them til you can recover them).

Joann Kerr


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