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We are long-time Seattle Tilth members and gardeners.  We have just listed our Maple Leaf house and urban farm for sale.  Neighbors tell us they go out of their way to walk by our gardens!

Please help spread the word to folks that might be interested in living in a great house with amazing gardens in a walkable, friendly NE Seattle neighborhood.  We would love some happy gardeners to take over stewarding our fruit, flowers and veggies!  We have transformed the yard over the past 7 years into a wonderful urban farm. 

We are in the process of looking for a farm in either Skagit or Whatcom counties so we can do commercial farming.  We have temporarily moved to Bellingham so we're closer to the areas we are looking.

The house is at 9006 8th Ave. NE.  Here is a link to the listing and I've attached a flyer (hopefully it came through!):

You can contact our agents or me directly if you want more info.


Linda Versage


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