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Phase II of our first Meadowbrook Community Garden complete


Yesterday we drove the last corner stakes in the last three raised beds at the garden and we are ready to move on to the next phases: irrigation; fill beds with soil; place and compact 6" ADA gravel between beds; and fill balance with wood chips... 

(in preparation for planting of course)

At this point I'd like to give a huge THANX! to the folks who helped with the project so far..

First, to Susan Gregory who designed the garden and helped shepherd it thru Park's bureacracy;

Keith Mastenbrook for adjusting the design, laying it out, cutting the sod, then helping construct a couple of the beds. 

Second, to the roughly twenty or so folks that pealed back the sod and moved it up onto the hillside in just one two hour workparty and later the folks that spread the wood chips on this sod.

Third, to the dozen or so folks that helped unload the two loads of juniper timbers at MLLC.

And finally, the specific folks that helped construct the juniper beds:

  • Guy Astley
  • Steve Curtice
  • Dan Keefe
  • Robert Mora
  • Joel Gregory
  • Keith (again! :)
  • Ken Yu
  • Shannon Markley & Bob
  • Sue McGann (who although she couldn't heft around the timbers, played interference for countless hours explaining what we were doing to the maybe one hundred or so folks that were stopping to ask, either on foot or stopping in the middle of the road and blocking up traffic!.. allowing us to keep working)..

THANK YOU!      

..another very visible Project of Sustainable NE Seattle

(in association with Meadowbrook Community Care and Seattle Parks and Recreation)

You can watch our progress here:

and here:


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   Hey gang,this project is looking great!!!!

   Thanks to all!!!!!!

Hey Brent!  I forgot to thank you for your donation of the electric chainsaw to the tool library..

we've already broken it in - used it to cut off the ends of the timbers of the last ten boxes..

we were really struggling with Guy's chainsaw, had some major mechanical issues..

The new one just flew through these - Guy, Robert, and Ken all got a chance to try it out..

Hey all.. a really big THANX to Brent!


Looks amazing! And John, since you are too modest to thank yourself, Thank you to you! for steering the volunteer effort thus far and for all the sweat and care you have put out for the community.


   HERE HERE!!!!!!


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