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I need someone to cut wood scraps.

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What kind of scraps?  Size?  Cut how?    What do you have to trade in return?


Hi Jim--

We met at the Barter Faire. I brought paint, stain, car products, etc.

I have about about a dozen long pieces I'd like cut for firewood. They

vary in thickness. Some of it's treated wood-- I don't know if that can

be burned.


I have a couple of bookshelves to trade. I also have a series of nature

collages you're welcome to look at-- I'm a collage artist.



I wouldn't burn treated wood.  I don't think you can put in the city yard waste bins, either.

Thanks for the information. I might just have the wood hauled away.

I also have tools to trade-- I have duplicates of many things. Is there

anything you're looking for in particular?

Always interested in tools.  Could use a another garden fork.  What tools do you have? I could cut the wood for you to fit in your trash.  

Let me take a look at my "inventory" and I'll get back to you.

I do not have many gardening tools.

Sorry for the delay-- I have a houseguest. I'll be in touch tomorrow.


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