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Since I haven't had much success in putting a garden in here I'm thinking of working on seed banking. I'm wondering how many others in SusNE have their own seed banks, if there's a need for a cmty seed bank, if others would be interested in working on this with me, etc - ? If there's no one else wanting to get involved in this I'm willing to go ahead and just start stocking seeds, and in that case I'll probably want to talk with anyone in the community who has knowledge in this area, what seed companies people trust the most and whatever other info is around.

Please let me know what you think!


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I just came across this...I'd be interested in participating! I've gotten my most recent seeds from "Uprising Organics" ... which I got at PCC. They have a LOVELY little catalog about their seeds that I was reading like some kind of trash novel it made the seeds sound so good.

Hi Linda, I'm wanting to start a seed library and thought I might approach the NE Seattle Tool Library about housing it there. Not sure who to talk to. Have you gotten a start on your seed saving? Seattle doesn't have and NEEDS a Seed Library. Would love to talk more about this with other interested folks. I've also contacted Seattle Farm Coop and Seattle Tilth, waiting to hear back. Thanks much.

I have some seeds to share that I've saved from working at the Root Connection CSA in Woodinville, but would really like to see a local seed bank for seeds that are well acclimated to the local climate.


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