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Do you know a small or medium sized business tucked away in the NE Seattle area, that could benefit from the community knowing about them? As a part of our efforts to help local businesses develop, we will be focusing our February meeting on the assets right here in our neighborhood. We all know about the businesses that are right out on 35th NE in the retail core and we want to encourage patronage to those local businesses, but we think there are probably services and skilled individuals who are in business throughout the neighborhood that don't have a storefront. It is important for resilience to discover the skills and expertise that are in your community. If you are such an individual or know of one, please email me. I am organizing the Feb. general meeting and if you would like to contribute to this meeting I would like to hear from you.

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Replies to This Discussion takes unwanted computers and teaches low-income people how to repair them. The students learn a marketable skill and also get a free computer when their training is complete. The refurbished computers are sent to schools and non-profits in developing countries where technology is scarce. Rather than just recycling a computer for parts and filling landfills, reuses them in a very green way.
They pick up equipment for free at businesses and then perform certified data wiping. Individuals can drop off equipment in Wallingford near Gasworks Park at 2222 N. Pacific St. The phone # is 206 633-1516. There's a lot of information on the website at
Recycling is good, reuse is a more sustainable option.
Good to know. Will they come to this area to pick up?
They pick-up if you have 3 or more computers. See the website for details.
Yes, Pat Marcus is the founder/owner of Decent Exposures, a local company in Lake City (next to Value Village) that sells organic cotton underwear, baby clothing, casual and sleepwear, made right there by a half-dozen women getting a living wage. 20 years ago, Pat and her sister designed the very comfortable 'un-bra' and sell custom-made in any size you can think of. She's expanded to these other lines. The baby blankets are great, too.
I and a partner operate Seventh Hill Architecture. We are a new small firm that work out of our homes and hold our meetings at the local coffee shops. We mainly design new residential homes and remodels, but specialize in customer service and satisfaction. We would love to meet and work with people interested in sustainable design, so give us a call for a free proposal.

Einar Novion
Seventh Hill Architecture
Hi, just discovered Ballard Mattress. Nontoxic mattresses made right in Ballard. Not exactly NE but pretty close as the crow flies,
Hello Joann (and everyone else),
Solstice Landscapes Northwest just moved from Phinney Ridge, out here to 11040 19th Avenue NE (that's a residence, I work out of my home). We do sustainable landscape design-build. We specialize in eco-friendly complete landscape transformations (edible, natural, organic, habitat, permaculture, beautiful, etc...). I am the owner, and feel free to come by and visit us an say hello to our free-range chickens in our backyard (i.e. you may want to knock on the door to say hello to us, first)...

Solstice Landscapes Northwest
The 2 principle partners of Cascadian Edible Landscapes ( live in NE Seattle.

We specialize in veggie gardens and full edible landscapes, drip irrigation systems, build chicken coops and compost systems, work with stone building patios and walkways, and are certified to install Cisterns. We also grow edible plants in our nursery and market them through a variety of places, on of which is the "Community-Supported Plant Starts" program.
Thanks for thinking of us,
Michael Seliga, Jake Harris, and company at CEL
To all of you local, environmentally friendly businesses in the area, there is a new local website, started by a local ecobroker (certified), that has a directory for eco- local businesses. Hanna Petros is the ecobroker and is interested in helping earth-friendly local companies, so take a look at her site and under the Green Living tab you will find the directory where you can send her your company info for review. Pass it on to other companies that are practicing good earth stewardship.
Hello, all!

Vesta Home Performance is a local company (based in Meadowbrook) that conducts home energy audits and also does the energy improvement work. Our mission is to make people happier with their homes. This means improving comfort (from hot summers, cold winters, drafts, etc.), indoor air quality (due to critters, asthma, allergies, moisture, etc.), safety (from combustion appliances), and overall energy efficiency. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, with decades of residential remodeling experience and all the relevant building science training and certifications.

We particularly love working close to home, so please let us know if you're interested in having a home energy analysis done!

Alison Kartiganer
Vesta Home Performance


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