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SusNES Steering Committee, 11.04.13

In attendance:

Leo (Facilitator), Susan, John, Tom, Joann, Keith, Patrick (Note taker)


  • Tom's Long-Term Project

  • November Meeting

  • December Meeting

  • Skills Fair

  • Membership

  • Annual Meeting

  • Next year's events


1. November Meeting

Is Susan helping with the meeting? Willing to do so.

Meeting at the Meadowbrook center. Is the space reserved?

  • John will check with Sue

Susan suggests that we can use the meeting as much as a time to determine how it will work as to present it to the group at large.

Which room is it? We think it's room 1

Are we going to move from Rm 1 to the Multipurpose room?

  • John will check with Sue

Is the meeting on the Ning?

  • John will check with Sue, and see about language

When do we send out the email blast?

  • Joann will do, pending updates to language from Sue through John

Susan suggests that we invite folks to bring preserved food.

Susan suggests that we invite Ryan

  • Susan will invite Ryan

Tom suggests that we have a small brass plaque created to rivet to the range saying something like “Donated by Sustainable Northeast Seattle.”

We should create a group to run the preservation group.

Make sure to invite Community Kitchen specifically to the meeting.

Questions arose regarding the formal understanding of equipment ownership held on the part of all parties (Cleanscapes, Meadowbrook, and SusNES). We need to check paper trail of donation and draw up an MOU to clarify. Susan suggests that we wait for Sue to return and follow through with her, offering assistance as appropriate.

  • Check in with Sue and let's get started on getting all things clarified in writing

Leo suggests we add a debrief on October meeting to the agenda. Assent.

2. October meeting

Liked it. Wish there were more people there. Like the idea of thinking through what we can do to be more Transitiony

3. December meeting

Do we want to try to assemble a crew to make it happen? Never returned to for resolution.

It'll be the usual crafty solstice celebration, December 19th.

***Note: at this point my recording cuts off***

Should we do a craft bartering event as part of it, as a way to prep people's holiday gift giving? General assent.

Should we do music? General assent.

  • Keith will check with his mom about coming as a musical accompanist.

Should we change the venue to the Friends' Church meeting room? General assent.

  • Susan will see about reserving the room

4. Skills Fair

HOSF will take place on February 1st.

We should assemble a specific “to be contacted” list from the ReSkilling Guild, past years' teachers list on the SusNE Steering gmail account in the search for volunteers to help run it, as well as sending a blast to the general membership.

  • Patrick will assemble special list

  • Leo will write two draft communications: one for the general, one for the specific

We should add “bug” to the Ning site regarding the HOSF.

  • Joann will send bug to Patrick, who will upload it.

Funding discussion:

Patrick is still working on the Awesome Seattle grant application

  • Patrick will complete

Susan suggests that we might approach companies related to the HOSF theme for sponsorship. Discussion generates the following list:

  • Hardwick's

  • ReCycle Cycles

  • Portage Bay Grange

  • Zenith Supply

  • Ace Hardware (Maple Leaf?)

  • A fabric store (specific?)

  • Homestreet Bank

  • PCC

  • City People

We suggest that this be a task for the volunteer organizers, rather than for a single person.

5. Membership Drive

Leo wants to check in on the progress. Susan reports that we have about 20 people who've signed up already. It's pointed out that we should have some way of tracking members.

  • Leo will set up a web page with database function

Once the web page is set up, people will be able to sign themselves up for membership, but existing paper applications will need to be entered by hand.

Should we share (voting) member lists? Discussion and assent. Form? PDF list of names with contact info has majority approval, though unclear if full assent. There is still discussion to take place, and no rush at present to make it happen.

It is pointed out that some of the registered members have listed volunteer hours as their contribution, and Patrick suggests that those names be added to the “special list” for HOSF member organizers

***At this point, Leo leaves. John takes over as Facilitator***

6. Tom's Long-Term Project

Tom has been offered the opportunity to buy a member's biodiesel converter for $5k, and wants to know if SusNES is interested in it as a project to make money for funding other projects. Questions arose:

  • Is there an existing list of committed suppliers?

  • Are there licensing requirements?

  • Where would we locate it?

  • Associated costs?

  • Who would run it?

  • (Where would the money come from?)

  • Capacity?

  • To whom would we sell?

  • What form would this enterprise take in relation to our 501(c)(3) status?

  • Is the converter still available?

  • Is either a contract agreement or payment plan possible?

There was interest, but no ability to come to consensus, given the number of outstanding questions.

  • Tom will investigate and report at next meeting for further discussion.

7. Annual Meeting

Keith raises the question: how will we enact the changes envisioned in the bylaws? Discussion covers the fact that we still need to create the envisioned SOP document, as well as the need to further activate the guilds and how that might be done.

  • Keith will create an outline of the specific structures envisioned in the bylaws.

  • Susan will provide Keith with the final copy of the bylaws.

Other considerations raised: What is the nominating process for BoD? For Turquoise Council? Who are our potential leaders? Tabled pending Keith's analysis.

8. Next year's events

We didn't get to this item.

Action Items:

Leo: Write draft communications soliciting member organizers for HOSF (general and specific). Set up web page for membership.

Susan: Invite Ryan to the November meeting. Reserve room for December meeting. Send Keith the bylaws. Send Patrick the list of Members who list volunteer time.

John: (Through Sue) is space reserved at Meadowbrook for the November meeting? If so, which room, and are we moving halfway through? Is the meeting on the Ning, and is the language final? Get finalized language to Joann

Tom: Investigate questions regarding Special Project and report back.

Joann: Email blast regarding November meeting. Send HOSF bug to Patrick

Keith: Check with his mom re musical accompaniment for December meeting. Create outline of pending changes based on bylaws.

Patrick: Assemble special contact list for HOSF Member Organizers. Post HOSF bug to Ning. Finish Awesome Seattle grant application.

Forwarded Business:

  1. What is the status of the equipment in the Food Preservation Project? Determine and document.

    1. Plaque for the range indicating the donation

  2. Create a group to run the Food Preservation Project

  3. Invite Community Kitchen folks specifically to the November meeting

  4. Generate a list of specific HOSF Member Organizer tasks

  5. Manual entry of existing paper membership applications (Brooke?)

  6. Discussion of Tom's Special Project

  7. More business sponsors to approach for HOSF?

  8. More discussion of how to share member lists?

  9. Further discussion of transitioning to the organization described in the bylaws

  10. Next year's meetings

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