Sustainable NE Seattle

Connecting for a sustainable community

Attending: Keith ,Joann, Susan, Patrick (notes), Leo (facilitator)
Fiscal Report
Susan provided a combined Fiscal Report for the NE Seattle Tool Library. Details to be included in a later comment on this post.
Susan notes that she has to leave early: 4:15ish, and suggests using that fact as a basis for organizing the topics remaining on the agenda.
Tool Library
Susan: Going well. People coming in and renting, it's always had something going on. Up to 1075 tools, and getting in tools on wish list. Volunteerism building, including among those not in leadership. A lot to do, but getting there. People are coming in and saying how cool it is, and what a good idea it is. Connections are being made with and between community members. We've had good publicity. The word is out.
Leo: thinking about getting a land line?
S: Yes. The existing system drops the calls. So that'll be another expense. We should get another computer, so we could do more than one thing.
Hands On
Joann: Looking for next wave of volunteers in next few days. Currently four, will ultimately need 12 check-in at both places, two-hour shifts, two people at Meadowbrook; one at Ravenna. Leo adds his name to the volunteer roster. Trying to do all correspondence out of SusNES steering committee email:, so it's available to all. Been using a label for hands-on. We need to change the gmail interface.
Leo: maybe I'll do a tutorial on gmail.
Joann: Trying to fill volunteer spots. Susan and I will go look at the two big rooms to figure out what's going on. We have tool sharpeners, both at the Tool Library and at Meadowbrook. We have bike repair folks at both Centers. Right now we have six people signed up. People always wait until the last minute. Anyone that can promote the event on social media, please do.
Susan: People just wait until the last minute.
Joann: We sent out posters and flyers with instructions to post them, but don't know whether, when, and where. Are things prepped at the Tool Library?
Keith: Yes, except for the issue of checking in.
Joann: If they're checking in for the day, we should collect money. We'll print lists of folks that have paid already and check against it.
Susan: Didn't we have wrist bands last year?
Joann: Yes, and we also had a poster people could consult when they arrived.
Susan: Keith did that. I can do it this year. Maybe we can do a stamp instead of the wrist band? I have those. I have a contact who just graduated from the UW Sustainability program, and she has a contact list she's willing to forward the Skills Fair info to.
**Extended sidebar follows regarding the mechanics of the Ning and how it is used, and how its function might not promote communications in the way that we think it does.**
One more meeting before the bylaws are brought before the general meeting on February 21.Keith led a discussion on the proposed by-laws. We worked through each paragraph and determined whether we saw any issues or concerns or not. The intention was to pare down the scope of the project so that by the time we present the draft to the membership in our February meeting, we can focus only on the areas that need discussion. After today's meeting there are still two more Steering Committee meetings prior to the Feb. general meeting. The goal is to have a draft that we can all support to present at the February general meeting, and upon further review prepare a final draft for passage at the annual meeting in May. We made it through ¶3.3 this meeting.
Summary of Upcoming Calendar
February 9 -- Hands On Skills Fair
February 12 – SusNE "How To" (Orientation for new and existing members)
February 21 – General Meeting: By-laws

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