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Steering Committee Meeting

17 Jan 2012


Present:  Joann (F), Keith (N), Leo, Susan

Agenda Items:

            Tool Library and Open House

            Skills Fair


            Power Point

            Money and Publicity



1.         Orientation [gathering]

February 12th, 7:00 pm, at Susan Gregory’s house.  Leo will be presented a modestly revised version of the Orientation powerpoint, with a focus upon facilitating members who are new to SusNE and those who are interested in increasing their activity in the organization.

2.         Tool Library and Open House [January general meeting]

600 tools have been inventoried, shelves have been built, to date 3 charter members have joined (at $250), and more members are expected at or following the Grand Opening.  Cleanscape scheduled a media meeting tomorrow [Jan 3rd] at 11:30 am, to finalize the agenda for the Grand Opening, to which Susan will be attending on behalf of SusNE and the Tool Library SC.

3.         Power Point

Joann requested assistance in creating a powerpoint presentation explaining the activities of SusNE, in response to a request by the John Rogers Elementary School PTA to share this information.  Leo will assist with this request, as a version of the Orientation presentation.

4.         Money and Publicity

Issues related to fund raising, budgeting, and accounting were discussed.  No action taken.  Regarding publicity, in order to explore more options for getting our message out, we could initiate an A-board signage design contest.

5.         Skills Fair

The class schedule is developing as teachers are being recruited.  Lee LaCroix is assisting this effort by sending personal appeals to those who have taught in the past.  The fair will schedule classes at three locations:  Meadowbrook & Ravenna-Eckstein community centers, and the Tool Library.  Kitchen space is limited which affects the number of cooking classes.  Fixers are needed since the hope is to provide this at both CCs. The plan is to use the Tool Library only for classes and keep the Fixers and Bicycle Repair at the CCs.

7.         By-Laws and February Meeting

[Leo had to excuse himself for an errand]  By now everyone on the SC should have received a word document with the draft by-laws.  These are basically lifted verbatim from the Sustainable West Seattle by-laws, with some amendments that reflect discussions we have held.  Everyone is encouraged to make changes and we will address this further at subsequent SCMs.  The goal is to have a draft that we can all support to present at the February general meeting, and upon further review prepare a final draft for passage at the annual meeting in May.

Meeting Adjourned

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