Sustainable NE Seattle

Connecting for a sustainable community

Attending:   John (facilitator), Tom, Keith, Susan, Sue, Patrick, Leo (notes)

Upcoming General Meeting

Topic: Transition. Leo to give brief presentation and invite discussion around how SusNE's activities further Transition goals. 

November General Meeting

Sue and Susan are planning. The food preservation kitchen equipment will not have arrived in time, but we plan to have the meeting at the community center anyway. Meeting topic: how to preserve food; how the "Food Preservation Facility" will work. Focus of the meeting to be on how the community can use the new equipment.

People will be required to take a class before they can use or borrow the equipment. Only the hydrators can be borrowed to take home. 

Membership drive

We need to do a membership drive; let people know we are a membership organization.

Susan requested an online form for people to register, because we need a record of our voting members. We can send an email with a link to the form.  Include a PayPal button, a box indicating whether volunteering. A checkbox to agree.

Susan to draft the benefits of membership. Leo to build web form and database.

Next SusNE Orientation

We agreed to schedule one [but this didn't happen].

Skills Fair

We agreed we wanted to do it again, but try to get other members to coordinate it. We set the date for Feb 1. We agreed to have it at only one community center (Meadowbrook). We agreed to try to have free admission.

Patrick to draft description and get it into the Parks & Rec brochure.

Summary of Upcoming Calendar

Nov 21 – General Meeting: Food Preservation

December 19 -- General Meeting

February 1 – Hands On 

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