Sustainable NE Seattle

Connecting for a sustainable community

In attendance: Susan, John (facilitator), Sue, Joann, Tom, Patrick, Leo (notes)

Grant for Community Kitchen's Food Preservation equipment

Sue and Lee applied and won a grant from Cleanscapes for equipment including an industrial stove, a freezer, dehydrators, stock pots, a juicer, fermentation crocks, pressure canners and cookers, canning equipment, and stainless steel carts for storage. All of the equipment will be stored at Meadowbrook Community Center, and used by the Community Kitchen Guild for workshops and projects related to food preservation. We discussed donating the stove to the community center, since it will replace the non-functioning stove that is there now. Sue will work with the Center and with Cleanscapes to determine the best way to assure that ownership of the rest of the equipment remains with Sustainable NE Seattle.

General Meeting this Thursday

John reported on the status of this meeting, which is being organized by the Local Economy guild. Along with a panel of guests representing co-ops, CSAs, bartering networks, cottage food operations, and local investing. The guild will be looking for input from those in attendance on topics for their future meetings.

Solar Cookout

Linda Stein offered to teach a workshop on building solar cookers, on a day prior to the event. Joann is working out the details. 

City Climate Change Discussions

The City of Seattle is hosting a brown bag to discuss what can be done about climate change. Patrick will attend. We discussed the fact that the City has previously asked for citizen input, but produced no action. We need to "lead from behind" by initiating projects and seeking the City's support.

Non-profit Application Status

Susan wrote up the Narrative Statement that we will attach to the form 1023. Susan & Joann made updates to the "scrapbook," which will also be attached to the application. We intend to complete the by-laws and application by August 1. (We have three more meetings scheduled between now and then.)

Upcoming events

July 8 - Steering committee at Susan's

July 15 - Steering committee at Susan's

July 23 - Steering committee at Susan's

July 25 - Solar cookout 

Aug 1 - our deadline for finishing draft of by-laws and form 1023

Sept 9 - Open Steering Committee meeting

Sept 24 - SusNE Up Close (orientation)

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