Sustainable NE Seattle

Connecting for a sustainable community

Attending:   Keith (facilitator), Joann, Susan, John, Sue, Tom, Leo (notes) 


Leo announced that Seattle Center for Spiritual Living approved his nomination and will donate $100 to SusNE in November. (There are no strings or requirements attached to this donation.)

Meaningful Movies Transition Night Announcements

John asked for approval on whether to post announcements of Transition Night at the Meaningful Movies on the SusNE Ning. All approved.

November Meeting

For the November 15th General Meeting: Discussion about whether the topic was too "negative" – not inspiring. We decided to shift title from just "Zero Waste" to something like "Zero Waste: All Fun", emphasizing the enjoyment and satisfaction that can be had from doing more with less.

John agreed to look into finding a Reverend Billy short, or a section of a longer film (roughly 45 minutes) to set the stage for the topic of holiday "deconsumption". Following the film, we plan to have a discussion time where participants can inspire each other for ideas for low-consumption holiday activities.

Leo contacted the members of our Sustainable Families group. The group's founder, Lisa Farino, is moving to Bainbridge, but the other two members, Catrayal and Brittany both responded positively to the request. Leo is trying to organize a meeting so that this group can help plan this meeting. Joann suggested that Leo ask them to invite their own friends to the meeting.

We plan to start the meeting promptly at 6:30, and invite families to bring their kids (Susan offered to sit with them if necessary.)

Joann will contact Freecycle about bringing stuff and we might possibly have a "gift swap."

A "stone soup" salad is planned.

December Meeting

For the December 20th General Meeting: We discussed what crafting activities to have. Candle making is popular but expensive. Box-folding was very popular. Felting is too difficult.

Joann will follow up with last years' crafters.

We decided to include a potluck.

We decided to invite people to bring musical instruments.

Tool Library Update

Another work party happened yesterday (Sunday). All work was completed that we had agreed to do prior to the contractors coming on Wednesday to begin their work.

We were glad to see Cam & Josh there. They were involved in SusNE early on, but Cam had injured her back.

The roof still has problems, but the person from the Church is working on it. It may need to be tarped until a better solution is worked out.

Cleanscapes wants to have a well-publicized, celebratory grand opening. We will partner with them on coordinating that. January is now considered the reasonable opening date.

Susan described her personal observations on the difficulty of connecting the big picture (climate change etc.) to the minutia of managing a huge unwieldy project such as this.

Orientation Event

Leo presented his draft Powerpoint deck for the Orientation, scheduled for November 13. The goal is to create an atmosphere of inclusive discussion and participation, while at the same time conveying information about the history, organization and purpose of the organization. Several changes were suggested, which Leo will make.

As of this writing, not counting Steering members, 6 people RSVD, with 5 more "maybe"s. 

Hands On

Joann received no response yet from Teri or Ryan about the registration/payment/reservation system tie-ins (or not). Joann has received volunteers for presenting. We currently need volunteers to help organize the event. 

Next Open Steering Committee Meeting

We agreed to have the next open meeting December 3, (Monday) 7-9pm at Keith's house. This gets us back on our original schedule, designed to allow input for planning the following three-month meeting schedule. 

SCALLOPS Fall Forward regional gathering

Tom and possibly Joann will attend this twice-a-year gathering of SCALLOPS groups. 

Meadowbrook Community Garden

Sue reported on the most recent work, mostly involving the irrigation system. Unfortunately a spigot was stolen from the property.


Summary of Upcoming Calendar

November 10 SCALLOPS Fall Forward regional gathering

November 13 Orientation

November 15th General Meeting:  Zero Waste  (Thanksgiving is Nov 22nd)

November 28 (Wednesday) Fourth Corner Exchange Introduction to Life Dollars and exchange

December 3, (Monday) 7-9pm Keith's house

December 20th General Meeting:  Holiday Craft Party

February 9, 2013 Hands On Skills Fair 

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