Sustainable NE Seattle

Connecting for a sustainable community

Attending: John S., Keith M, Leo B., Patrick L., Tom A., Joann K.

Absent: Susan G., Sue M.

Our number one priority for this SC meeting is to complete our first draft of the bylaws in order to be ready for discussing them on Thurs Feb 21. at our general meeting. Therefore all other agenda items were quick points and determined if they could be tabled til the next SC mtg.

Re: HandsOn Debriefing

Determined we needed a debrief with members that assisted in the planning, teachers and Parks personnel, to access what worked and what needed to change. Action: Joann will send out a doodle to schedule this. We also determined that this may be a good time to consider creating a Reskilling Guild and would like to discuss this with members of the Tool Library as well as the broader membership, perhaps in April. Action: the new guild discussion will be continued at our next SC meeting.

Re: Posting Meaningful Movies under "Our Events"

John wanted approval on posting Wallingford Meaningful Movies, as an extension of our Awareness Guild, under the tab "Our Events" if he determined the film featured was in alignment with SusNE mission and goals, and furthered awareness as per the goals of that guild. There were no objections.

Re: Response to the City's Climate Action Plan

Patrick reported on the City's town meeting for approving the Green Ribbon Report on Seattle's Climate Action Plan. There is an open comment period on going. We determined that our best strategy for giving weight to our comments was to rally the other Seattle-based Sustainable community leaders and collaborate on a response to the report. Action: Tom is going to reach out to these leaders regarding this idea.

Re: I-522

We were asked if we would support the I-522 regarding GMO labeling. We determined it was not in conflict with our mission or values, or the 501 (c)(3) filing we are presently undertaking. Action: We agreed to support it. Patrick will contact the campaign.

Re: Recent "SusNE" Up Close meeting

Leo reported on the latest SusNE Up Close gathering. 5 participants came. There was a good discussion, questions answered and interests sparked. Determined we would do more of these.

Re: Planning the next SCALLOPS meeting

Too much to do at this SC mtg. Sub-committee of Leo, Joann, Patrick and Susan, will meet about this outside of this forum.

Re: Thurs Feb 21 mtg

Determined Joann would give a short introduction to why we are at this point in our development as an organization and how we would like to proceed with the input from those assembled. Keith will lead the discussion through the first draft of the bylaws. Due to the potential for a very long discussion, he may focus primarily on the most controversial articles and sections. Further meetings will be required to finalize the draft so Patrick will assist in setting up futures meetings on this work.

Re: Bylaws

We continued reviewing the first draft of the bylaws resuming where we left off at Article 3.4. Determined some sections better suited for a document on Standard Operating Procedures.

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