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The American Lung Associations Master Home Environmentalist Programs Free Service!

Master Home Environmentalist©
MHE trains volunteers to visit homes at no cost and assist residents in assessing and managing environmental health problems. The MHE volunteer utilizes a survey form called the Home Environmental Assessment List© (HEAL©) to identify potential problems and work with the resident to develop an action plan to reduce exposure to pollutants. The personalized action plan can lead to steps such as use of efficient vacuums and quality door mats, shoe removal at the door, ventilation, integrated pest management, and allergen control.

Does your child have asthma? The Asthma Outreach Program is a FREE program that helps children with asthma learn to control their asthma, and also provides FREE SUPPLIES (dust mite pillow/bed cases, walk off mat and potentially a vacuum)!

Call us at 206-512-3280, or visit our Facebook page!!!


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