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Transition Streets is trying to get to USA. Needs a little crowdfunding by Aug 19th.

Transition Streets is a project proven to reduce the carbon footprint of entire neighborhoods and save hundreds of dollars on energy bills. The crowdfunding campaign

 will raise funds for the national Transition Streets roll-out effort and provide an opportunity for participating Transition Initiatives (Sustainable NE Seattle for example) to raise money to implement Transition Streets in their communities.

How Does Transition Streets Work?

A handful of neighbors get together for 7 meetings, during which they follow clear and easy steps in a user-friendly workbook that covers 5 topics: food, energy, water, transportation, and waste.  The focus is on low-cost (or no-cost) actions that result in lowering both expenses and carbon footprint.

A Transition Streets facilitator, someone who has been through training, leads the first meeting to ensure that the sessions get off to a good start.

This popular program has been very successful in Transition Town Totnes and beyond. Households cut their bills by an average of $900/year and reduce their carbon emissions by 1.3 tons. Just as important were the side benefits: neighbors formed a social bond and glimpsed what a low-carbon future would look like in their neighborhood.

This could be a great program in our area. We look forward to having the chance to give it a go.

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