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Sustainable NE Seattle,

First, hello! I'm Henry and this is my first post on these forums. I've been to a few Sustainable NE Seattle events, and am inspired by the work this group is doing. I actually borrowed a nailgun from the Tool Library to do some of the work on the project below. :-)

I’m in the final stages of building my own tinyhouse - a very small home built on a trailer. The windows, door, most of the framing lumber, and other odds and ends were salvaged, and I think of this project as very much aligned with Sustainable NE Seattle's vision. A picture of the 90% complete exterior of the tinyhouse is attached to this ad - check it out! It'll look better by the time it's ready to move.

I’m looking for someone to host it who lives within a few miles of Ravenna (where my sweetheart lives) and UW. If you’re interested, please read on!


What l need

The tinyhouse itself is 8’6” x 18’, and I’ll need a relatively flat space to park it on your lot. It draws no more than 15amps of electricity, so a single extension cord is all I’ll need to power it. It takes a hose for water, which I’ll insulate for the winter. And finally, I’ll need to drain the greywater from the sink and shower, and will design a site-specific greywater drainage system. 


I’ll be living in this tinyhouse half-time, and I hope to rent it on AirBnB about once a week. I will be as conscientious as I possible of you, the host, and the host neighborhood as I do so.


I’m hoping to move it sometime around December 1st, and to keep it on site until June or July.


What I can offer

I’m happy to offer up to $300 a month for hosting me and this little house. Mostly through this project I’m becoming a decent handyman, and I’m already a good bicycle mechanic, and would be happy to do a work-trade for a portion of the monthly rent if you’d like.


Who am I?

I’m a student at the University of Washington (I study mechanical engineering), and I run a small electric and cargo bike business called LionTail Cycles. I’m interested in community living, spirituality, sustainability, bicycles, good food, and so much more. I have many personal references, and would be happy to provide them on request!


Bicycle Workshop

I’m also looking for a space to work on bicycles. It would need to be at least 150 square feet, dry, have a wide entryway, and some natural light. Please see this ad for more information! It would be incredible to find a single host for both the tinyhouse and a workshop. :-)


If you’re interested, please contact me at, and we can have a more fully-fleshed conversation to find out if it’s a fit. Thank you for reading!

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Hey Henry,

Any luck finding a place yet?

If not, I would be happy  to share your post on Sustainable NE Seattle' Facebook page- would that be OK?  I would  love to have you at our home in Ravenna, but we have no driveway or spot to put your tiny house. 


Susan Gregory

Hi Susan,

Yes, please do share the post on the Facebook page! I've gotten one lead, but it's by no means a certainty!



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