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I made a fireless cooker at a Feb. 2011 workshop led by Dave Wall and Brita Butler-Wall. I moved soon after and it has been stored since, finished but unused.

FREE. If you'd like it, please let me know today (October 19, 2016) if at all possible.

This is a box with a tight-fitting lid, insulated with hay covered by canvas, into which you put a pot with a tight lid that you have heated up on the stove. The heat is trapped and the food keeps cooking without added energy/fuel.

I have the workshop handouts to go with it.

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Hi David,

Thanks for making the cooker and even offering it free to others in our community. Very generous. I haven't been active on the website, but somehow I was on it today and saw your generous offer. You can let me know what are some dates and times which would work well for me to pick up your cooker. Easiest to reply to me directly at where I'm sure to see your message.

Thanks again for making the cooker and for your ongoing work building sustainable community in Seattle.

Best wishes,

from Green Ja Neen ;-) March 2017


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