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Hello community kitcheners!

Well, this is it. I am diving in and officially joining a SusNE guild! Community kitchen seems like a good one to start with, as I am looking for folks who are interested in canning, cooking, and contemplating the significance of food in our lives. What's happening in this guild at the moment? Any upcoming events happening? Cheers and I look forward to meeting those guild mates who I haven't met already. Joyce

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Hi! I'm new to the Ravenna neighborhood and am interested in community kitchen events so I'm putting out some feelers- is there stuff going on? Is there possibility for monthly dinners/ sporadic canning sessions/ pot luck space (if no kitchen is available).. I'm interested and have the time to organize and work on the project, any information/ similarly interested folks out there? Thanks, Virginia

Hi Joyce,

I would love to meet you sometime, Keith tells me that you are a fellow herbalist.



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