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OK folks, here is the break dpwn of ingredients for our next community kitchen dinner  Pick out whatever you'd like to contribute to our dinner.  I look forward to cooking together and sharing a meal with the community.

 three dozen eggs
small jar of mayonaise
three cups bulgur
one cup lemon juice
one bottle olive oil
two bunches scallion
 three cups minced parsley
six tomatoes
three cucumbers
four lbs. dry pasta
one bottle red wine vinegar
four green peppers
four small red onions
 two cups minced parsley
 two lbs. feta
one small watermelon
two lbs. cherries
several plums, nectaines or any local as possible fruit
one gallon milk
I'll bring shortbread cookie ingredients.

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I'll get the feta. I'm pretty sure that Demetre at the Continental will donate the feta. I won't be able to help cook this time...grandson birthday celebration that day. I'll get it ahead of time and hand it off to someone so it's there when it's needed. I'm wondering if the bulgur shouldn't arrive already cooked and cooled?
I'll bring a doz eggs. Do we want them hard cooked in advance?
You bet
I'm going to be up on the island just before so could bring some local organic eggs and a bunch of local strawberries...maybe I should just make the fruit salad? and bring eggs?
Deb, Fruit salad would be great. Could you make it at the community kitchen? Also, if you want to bring a dozen eggs, that would be wonderful as well. Would you have time to hard boil the eggs before coming to the kitchen? Thanks Deb.
Hello, Lynn Brevig here. I will bring red wine vinegar, small jar of mayonaisse, and lemon juice.
What is the desired protocol for such items? I can buy organic lemons to squeeze. Otherwise I would probably go to Safeway for the vinegar and Best Foods MAyo.
Yes, I will boil the eggs in advance and bring the fruit to be prepared on sunday. see you there
Lynn, Whatever you think best would be fine. I'll leave it to you. Thank you for your contribution and see you on Sunday.
I can bring scallions, parsley, minced parsley, red onions, tomatoes, cukes and peppers Susan
I can bring:
three cups bulgur
one cup lemon juice
one bottle olive oil

-- adrienne
Adrienne, do you think that you could cook the bulghur before coming to the community dinner?. That way we could mix it with the lemon juice and olive oil right away and let it sit while we cut the vegetables for the tabouli. Thanks. And thank you for joining us on Sunday.
Hello, I bought red wine vinegar, mayo and will bring sqeezed lemon juice. Anything else needed? I will arrive at about 5:20.
Folks, I am wondering about this next question. Please give me your opinion.
I do child care for a family of 3 kids in Meadowbrook. I am wondering if I can bring the 8 year old girl with me to the cook and feed? She is bright and interested. I think it would be a good experience for her if there is something to do.
Also, her Mom wondered if it would be appropriate for her to come with her 11 year old son and 3 year old to help or just be part of. I told her that I did not think there would be much for them to do. And I think that it may be too many people and a wee one would not be able to help, really. What do you think?
ALSO, should I/we plan to eat dinner there, too?
Thanks, Lynn Brevig


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