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Beginning a separate discussion related to the shelter dinners.


My friend Demetre Lagos who owns The Continental Greek Restaurant and Pastry Shop on University Way and who contributed several big chunks of cheese for earlier suppers has made a very generous offer to both me and Joann on separate occasions.


Demetre wants to buy `a turkey or two` depending on our need if we are planning to serve a Thanksgiving supper.  He told me that he would buy the yams too.  He said it's something he's always wanted to do - feed hungry people who don't have anyplace to go on a holiday.  This is typical of the kind of generosity Demetre always has shown.  When I was seriously ill back in the late `70s, he fed my children in the restaurant for three months.  I didn't send them every day but whenever I sent them, he fed them.  At the end of the month, the elders from that assisted living place nearby will come in and order a small salad or a cup of soup.  He will bring them soup, salad and a chunk of the bread they make - and then sometimes not let them pay.  Homeless street people on The Ave know that they can come to him and, if they're clean and able to behave properly, get a cup of coffee with lots of cream and a bakery item - and be treated with respect.


Now, I think we need to consider this and see if we have cooks for Thanksgiving.  I'm game, of course.  And, we'd have to speak with Terry to see if we can do this at the church. 


What do we think?

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So Susan, does this mean we will or will not be sitting down to eat this meal ourselves as we've done before (at least when I was there)?
Thanks, Linda
I am signed up from the beginning for the Turkey day event. I didn't know about this discussion until just now. I am OK to handle meat Jacque. I will be there for pies too. I will bring whipping cream and organic shortening and flour for the pie dough.
Well Brooke, I don't know what to tell you. Way back there at the beginning, my friend offered the turkeys. I asked if anyone wanted to do this. I got clearance from Terry Vogel to do it at the church. I announced it was a go. Lee asked me if I'd please organize it and I said I'd be happy to do that. Then so many people stepped up with offers of food and help that last week I was sitting there in a bit of a glow thinking this was a pretty terrific group of people. We'd managed together to have everything in place with a week to spare. The next day, I read this notice that three people, without consulting any of the rest of us had made plans and decisions and presented us with a fait accompli that totally turned the plans we all had made together on their heads - and they'd planned a get together somewhere I can't (and won't) get to to do the prep cooking.I suppose you'd better check with Susan or Lee to see what else they need. I will deliver my foods sometime before 1:00 to the church.
Hello All this Holiday week. I just made decision that I would be in town this Thanksgiving and so will contribute my time to helping with prep and cooking on Thursday. Looking forward to kitchen communing with you all on Thursday.
Tonite Lee recommended that I bring Sparkling Ciders. So I will bring about 5 bottles of variety of Sparklers. Assuming I can get to the store before Thursday in the deep freeze! At least we know (by weather reports that Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be above freezing! Stay warm!!
Lynn B.
So everyone, change of plans. We will be doing the Wednesday evening prep cooking at Jacquie's house, NOT at Lee's. Jacquie's address is 11749 Roosevelt Way and her phone is 659-0837. We will be making the stuffing a pie or two and whatever else anyone might want to do. We will gather at Jacqui's at 7:00. See you there.
AND, the good thing is, since nobody's in the studio, I have TWO kitchens! Two ovens, an empty refrigerator, a little more counter space, another sink, another dishwasher.....
Since I am coming in late to this Thanksgiving plan, please let me know this : IS the plan to start cooking on Thursdsay at the Church still the same? Lee said about 10:30 a.m. I was planning to help from 11 - 2.
Lynn B.
Yes Lynn, we will be there cooking and setting up about 10:30 but we will leave as soon as we've got everything ready. So, you might be off the hook a bit before 2:00 ;-)
Hi all,

I had offered to bring a pie and drop it off at Jacque's early in the game. And I could drop it by Wednesday night when all are there cooking or Thursday morning at the church. let me know what works! Best, Nina
Nina, of course it's your choice but it would be fun to have you drop it off here Wednesday evening.
Ok--assuming all goes well in the am, with my car-in-the-shop appointment, I'll see you Wednesday night!
So, I just realized I didn't make it home with the lid to my big cooking pot. See how often I cook big meals? I brought it to cover the baking dish of dressing and I forgot that when I was packing up to leave. Did anyone see a big, stainless steel pot lid they couldn't identify?


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