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Beginning a separate discussion related to the shelter dinners.


My friend Demetre Lagos who owns The Continental Greek Restaurant and Pastry Shop on University Way and who contributed several big chunks of cheese for earlier suppers has made a very generous offer to both me and Joann on separate occasions.


Demetre wants to buy `a turkey or two` depending on our need if we are planning to serve a Thanksgiving supper.  He told me that he would buy the yams too.  He said it's something he's always wanted to do - feed hungry people who don't have anyplace to go on a holiday.  This is typical of the kind of generosity Demetre always has shown.  When I was seriously ill back in the late `70s, he fed my children in the restaurant for three months.  I didn't send them every day but whenever I sent them, he fed them.  At the end of the month, the elders from that assisted living place nearby will come in and order a small salad or a cup of soup.  He will bring them soup, salad and a chunk of the bread they make - and then sometimes not let them pay.  Homeless street people on The Ave know that they can come to him and, if they're clean and able to behave properly, get a cup of coffee with lots of cream and a bakery item - and be treated with respect.


Now, I think we need to consider this and see if we have cooks for Thanksgiving.  I'm game, of course.  And, we'd have to speak with Terry to see if we can do this at the church. 


What do we think?

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How do the vegetarians feel about this? I would be totally up for helping with a Thanksgiving feast. Susan
Well, I'm a vegetarian and the thought of the smell of turkey cooking gives me a little pause but I think I'd survive ;-)
I am a vegetarian and I think that this is a great idea. I'll talk to Terry and the church about it. I'd be glad to help prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. Lee
Just wondering, will the tent city be in place on Thanksgiving? Will we need to rustle up a couple more turkeys (or salmon?) from somewhere? I have lots of squash I can contribute to this one, maybe in the form of pies?
I think the tent city won't be there yet, but will be moving in a few days later. Mmmmm squash pie! Makes me hungry!
A friend brought me a LOT of butternut, some delica, a banana, a couple Hubbards, some acorns and spaghetti squashes to give away. So far, I've given some to a couple unemployed single moms in my sister's apt bldg, a teacher friend whose partner is unemployed, my student nephew, etc. I'm canning some Caribbean pumpkin soup on Saturday morn. I think there are more coming.
It would be great to have some winter squash. Although tent city won't be there until a few days after Thanksgiving, we will still be making pies for our shelter. Also we were planning on making a jambalaya for the January meal. Maybe we could add the squash to that. Could you also bring a squash tomorrow night if you are planning to come?
I'll bring a squash tomorrow too. I'll bring the green Hubbard. Today, I used up a lot of the butternut canning soups (one a Caribbean ad lib with some coconut milk, honey and chipotle habanero sauce and the other a savory soup with the herb mix my daughter brought me from Bulgaria) freezing pie filling and chunks of squash.
OK, so I brought you the big green Hubbard squash. Am I correct that you are saving that for January Jambalaya?
Are we doing Thanksgiving meal for MLL Shelter ON Thursday of Thanksgiving or the Sunday prior? If we do it on Thanksgiving will it be early in the day? I have a 2pm committment and i want to be able to do both.
Joann, The Thanksgiving dinner is actually on Thanksgiving day. We have not talked about a time yet.
I've come up with a menu suggestion for the Thanksgiving Supper....
Potato mash w/gravy or veg sauce
Green Beans
Pie (squash and mince?)

Ingredients list:

Turkey, butter, rosemary
Gravy: flour, salt, pepper
Veg Sauce: veg soup stock, turmeric, flour, salt, pepper
Dressing: bread, wild rice, mushrooms, onions, celery, eggs, rosemary, sage, veg soup stock
Yams: butter, brown sugar
Potato mash: yogurt, garlic, mizithra (or asiago) olive oil
Green beans: onions, garlic, balsamic vinegar, butter
Cornbread: cornmeal, flour, eggs, butter, baking powder, `milk`
Pie: squash, `milk` eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, turbinado sugar, molasses, butter, flour
Pie: mince, apples, raisins, nuts, butter, flour, cloves, cinnamon, orange, cornstarch
Coffee, Teas, cream, sugar, honey

I have only two pie dishes.

Comments welcome, of course ;-)



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