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This group has had great start. In order to keep the momentum going there needs to be a small subgroup willing to plan for meetings and activities. If you can give a few hours a month to this effort and this is important to you, please leave a comment here and we can start scheduling next steps.
IMO, each of us can start getting ourselves prepared but if we are the only one prepared on our street, that could make a bad situation worse so if we want to be truly resilient, we will need to go beyond ourselves.

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I'll give some time to this effort.  Count me in.  ~ Theresa
I also am willing to be a part of the 'coordinating' committee.
Yup, I was on fire after the initial meeting and talked with two neighbors, one very excited the other "felt very prepared and connected".  I would love to give some time, I do not have much but will give where I can.  I am eager to learn how to approach the community.
Interested. Tuesday evenings won't work for me, except for a couple of summer months. But would really like to see this take hold in our area.
I can help with this group too.
Great meeting yesterday.  I'm interested in being involved on-going, count me in.


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