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How To Use This Site

Posting Events
This site has two kinds of "events":
"Our Events" is one of the main tabs, and features Sustainable NE Seattle Events. The earliest five upcoming events also appear on the home page in the center column.
In the forums, "Other Events" allows any member to post their own event.

We make this distinction so that our members can easily find Sustainable NE Seattle events, right on our home page.

Only site administrators can create events on the "Our Events" page. If you are a guild member and you are organizing a guild event, such as an Edible Garden tour, you can either ask an administrator to post the event for you, or ask to become a site administrator yourself.

If you are planning an event that you want Sustainable NE Seattle to be a part of or co-sponsor, go to GROUPS- Site Admin > "send the group a message"

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