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Worm Bin 101 - Milton Jones


The last thing I ever constructed was two Xs with an attached bar, supposedly made to hold a large terrarium jar: it collapsed upon first use, breaking the jar and spilling the startled inhabitants across the floor. The only hammering I accomplished was in our kitchen 30 years ago while living in Antwerp, Belgium: I hit a water pipe and succeeded in flooding the kitchen on a Sunday morning, requiring… Continue

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Worm Bin Build

I put up a Wordpress blog post, complete with pictures, from the recent worm bin "bee" at the Gregorys'. If you're interested, check it out! We had a lot of fun that day and the bins are awesome. It was wonderful to meet some of the group, hope to meet others next work party opportunity.



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Training for Transition

As an official Transition Initiative, Sustainable NE Seattle is co-sponsoring a two-day "Training for Transition" course, May 2 and 3, in Seattle.

The Transition movement is a set of inspiring ideas for creating an attractive and enticing vision of how our communities could be. It starts with the recognition that the world is facing both climate change and oil depletion. These twin crises cannot be solved separately, and they… Continue

Added by Leo Brodie on April 18, 2009 at 12:23pm — 2 Comments

Energy Conservation Guild ?

I mentioned at the meeting that there are students at Shoreline Community College who are learning to conduct home energy audits and looking for homes to practice on. They would be supervised by the teacher (Joel Gregory) and would using a blower door to pinpoint areas where there is significant air leakage. The students will also be making recommendations on where insulating could be done to save energy.

This opportunity is available for 10 houses, for starters, but needs at least… Continue

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Sodbuster Success

A small group of dedicated Sodbusters gathered to remove lawns, with the hope and promise of gardens to come. Jessie & Jason, Harry & Jane, Deb, and Lee & Steve all worked together to cut sod off four garden areas, and we managed to return the tool within the half-day minimum. With a cost to each of only $20, we paid for the rental and gas, and saved many hours of hard work. It should also be mentioned that topsoil was saved, because the sodcutter skims off just a fraction of soil… Continue

Added by Keith Mastenbrook on April 13, 2009 at 9:57am — 1 Comment

Scallops Summit Review

Not only did the weather clear allowing Spring to truely arrive, the recent Scallops Summit lifted the clouds that enshrouded our organization and put some bounce in our steps. Due largely to excellent preparations by the planning group and skillful handling of the facilitators responsibilities, progress was acheived. Volunteers came forward to work on mission statements, values statements, federal tax-exempt status, and perhaps most importantly connections were made between individuals… Continue

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Last Minute Planting Party Invite

We would like to warmly invite you to the first Public Planting Party Pot Luck!

TODAY Thursday April 2nd, 2009-- 6pm-9pm University of Washington Greenhouse

In February and March we invited friends over and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves sharing stories laughter and appreciation for spring while planting the first flats of the season. During this time, we realized that lots of people would enjoy being a part of seeding this year’s crops, along with some food and… Continue

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