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No Trash Week

No Trash Week is coming up October 4th through 10th! This is an every-location event in which we all attempt to live for a week without producing any trash. The idea behind the event is to designate a time frame for this effort so we all get around to trying to improve our living habits and so we can support each other as we try it out. Everyone is invited to participate to whatever extent you feel comfortable. At the end of the week we can each evaluate our experiment and try to find a few… Continue

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Local Business Directory

One of the ideas that came out of our Open Space meeting Saturday was to create a way for us to find our local business owners and service providers. Why not hire a plumber who lives nearby rather than one who lives in West Seattle! It would be great to create a separate page that we could link to from our site, where local businesses can enter their info and update it as they wish. I'm not that computer savvy, but I'd like to get this project off the ground. If someone out there who has the… Continue

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Our first Open Space Event: Huge Success

We held our first Open Space event yesterday (Saturday 9/26/2009) on the topic:

How can we create a resilient, sustainable local economy that we would love to work and live in?

Facilitated by Katherine Wismer (at the far left in the photo below), the group of almost 20 participants raised and addressed questions such as "How can we develop more businesses that focus on local products and services needed for resiliencey?", "What… Continue

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TARP Inspector: Financial System May Now Be In A "Far More Dangerous Place" (VIDEO)

Well, here's a fun video to watch this morning, as we prepare to meet this afternoon about helping our LOCAL economy:

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I woke up this morning ( too early!) obsessing about the barter fair Sustainable NE Seattle is hosting on October 4 at Maple Leaf Church. For one thing, what do I really have to offer? What do I have excess of? Then, how will we set this up to maximize trading opportunities and more importantly, opportunities to meet new people and strengthen our community. Ideas anyone?

I ran across this on a website for a barter fair that has been going on for years in Eastern… Continue

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nice going, Leo and Cindy - Transition presentation and discussion at B+N

Leo and Cindy gave a great presentation at Barnes and Noble Wednesday - good job! Folks were genuinely interested and there was lively discussion.

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Phinney Jam Making/ Canning Class

Phinney Canning Class - Learn to make jam!

When: October 11, 2:30 to 5 pm

Where: Greenwood Senior Center, 525 N. 85th St.

Cost: $25

Participants will learn how to make jam using Italian prune plums. Each participant will go home with at least a jar of plum jam prepared during the class. Plums, jars and all other supplies are provided.

Please contact Jen Mullen at to reserve your spot. We can accommodate a maximum of ten… Continue

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Let's fill up the Tomato truck!

Sustainable Green Lake is ordering tomatoes from Eastern Washington and needs your help to fill up the truck. The tomatoes are from a small farmer’s cooperative including Michael Pilarski’s farm, one of the founders of Tilth and a well-known permaculture teacher who is overloaded with tomatoes! The price is $1/pound for fresh field-run (straight from the field, no washing, no stickers) canning tomatoes and $2/pound for #1 heirloom slicers. Minimum order of 25 pounds of tomatoes. Other fruits… Continue

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Strategic Planning Dinner Notes

Several members of SustNE met on August 9th to discuss in broad terms the development of a strategic plan to grow our organization and movement promoting sustainable living. While defining sustainability was not under discussion, other key considerations were. These included topics as central to the group as the defining boundaries of “northeast” Seattle, and critical as outreaching to a broader demographic, by appealing to the younger generation for example. We discussed briefly the Transition… Continue

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