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Paint Collection Event- May 12

Second Use is hosting an event to gather unused portions of paint - there's a sight fee to drop off paint, but worth it to keep paint out of our waterways and landfills!

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SNAP Sustainable Neighbors Action Program

"What is the most energy efficient - using a dishwasher? Or handwashing?  How much energy does a plugged in computer take?   On October 4 and 6, you will have the opportunity to learn the answers to these questions and receive other tips on how simple changes have a big impact on energy use.

SustainableWorks and Sustainable Seattle invite you to be a part of the Sustainable Neighbors Action…


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What is Permaculture?

Check out what I think is a pretty good answer to that often asked question!

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Hands On Photos

Check out photos from yesterday's event. Thanks Cathy Tuttle!

Added by Susan Gregory on February 13, 2011 at 11:12am — 2 Comments

Keep your leaves in the neighborhood !

There are two worthy projects coming up which need fall leaves to make them happen.
Dec. 4 work party at the new Nathan Hale Greenhouse and Urban Farm Drop leaves off at the greenhouse behind Jane Addams School.

Dec 5…

Added by Susan Gregory on November 19, 2010 at 11:30am — 3 Comments

Making Socks

I'm interested in learning to knit socks, preferably with a handful of others and a skilled teacher. Anyone out there interested in teaching or learning? I know basic knitting, but am ready to learn something new. Give me a call 526-1169 or E-Mail me if you are interested!

Added by Susan Gregory on September 22, 2010 at 8:05am — 5 Comments

I'm going car-free for a month

Gulp- I signed up for Zip-Car's Low Car diet- and will be giving up my keys from September 14 until October 14. It's going to be a challenge, but I get a free zipcar membership and $150.00 worth of drive time. Anyone want to join me in going car free for a month???

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Planet:Home review on RavennaBlog

Check out this review on Rebecca Nelson's Ravenna Blog! She really captures the spirit of the event !… Continue

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No Plastic November

After seeing Leo's blog and some film about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch- I've decided to pledge no plastics for the month of November. I have been trying to cut back, but still buying products in plastic and using plastic produce bags. So.... want to join me? I'd love to have a few others to do this with.

Added by Susan Gregory on November 1, 2009 at 8:25am — 4 Comments

Barter Fair was really fun!

An abundance of produce, canned items, honey, seeds, pancake mix, homemade bread, skills and other good stuff was traded yesterday in the parking lot of Maple Leaf Lutheran. We pressed apple cider and grape juice ( Yum!! ), learned that quince do not make good juice, and most importantly, laughed and joked together.

So put the first Sunday in October on your calendar for next year, and we'll do it again then, if not sooner.

Added by Susan Gregory on October 5, 2009 at 8:57am — 1 Comment

Local Business Directory

One of the ideas that came out of our Open Space meeting Saturday was to create a way for us to find our local business owners and service providers. Why not hire a plumber who lives nearby rather than one who lives in West Seattle! It would be great to create a separate page that we could link to from our site, where local businesses can enter their info and update it as they wish. I'm not that computer savvy, but I'd like to get this project off the ground. If someone out there who has the… Continue

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I woke up this morning ( too early!) obsessing about the barter fair Sustainable NE Seattle is hosting on October 4 at Maple Leaf Church. For one thing, what do I really have to offer? What do I have excess of? Then, how will we set this up to maximize trading opportunities and more importantly, opportunities to meet new people and strengthen our community. Ideas anyone?

I ran across this on a website for a barter fair that has been going on for years in Eastern… Continue

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Robyn Francis- Comments from Bellingham

Here are some comments from a member of Transition Whatcom regarding Robyn Francis' talk there last week. "Robyn's talks were excellent. A wonderful convergence of permaculture/transition towns ideas. The 'My Eco-Neighborhood' talk was about the area she lives that has a number of eco-village type developments - some better than others...people WERE inspired, and we got some quality people wanting to join our local Transition Initiative as a result."

We're lucky to have Robyn… Continue

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Another small step

I've been saving water in a bucket in the shower to flush the toilet with. Plus using a pitcher to capture cold water as I'm waiting for the hot, in the kitchen sink. Then I have a pitcher of fresh water for drinking through the day.

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Worm Bin 101 - Milton Jones


The last thing I ever constructed was two Xs with an attached bar, supposedly made to hold a large terrarium jar: it collapsed upon first use, breaking the jar and spilling the startled inhabitants across the floor. The only hammering I accomplished was in our kitchen 30 years ago while living in Antwerp, Belgium: I hit a water pipe and succeeded in flooding the kitchen on a Sunday morning, requiring… Continue

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Energy Conservation Guild ?

I mentioned at the meeting that there are students at Shoreline Community College who are learning to conduct home energy audits and looking for homes to practice on. They would be supervised by the teacher (Joel Gregory) and would using a blower door to pinpoint areas where there is significant air leakage. The students will also be making recommendations on where insulating could be done to save energy.

This opportunity is available for 10 houses, for starters, but needs at least… Continue

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Work Party Sunday 2-4 Dig In!

For those of you ready to get your hands dirty, come to a work party at Caitlin's Sunday March 29 from 2-4 p.m . There are beds that need to be fluffed up and tilled, chicken manure to be moved from the coop to the beds, a trench dug to bury an electrical wire so we can finally finish the path that goes over it, and spring crops to be planted. Address is 4016 NE 56th St. 206-729-2485. Thanks!

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Work Party Cancelled

No work party today at Joann's- we'll reschedule soon!

Added by Susan Gregory on March 15, 2009 at 9:49am — No Comments

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