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Next Week Bevan Lecture Series: Confirmed 23 Feb. 2012, Should be a good one, everyone's fav: JAWS!

23 February

Steven Campana

Chief Scientist, Canadian Shark Research Laboratory, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canadian Shark Research Laboratory

Large sharks tracked with satellite tags reveal their secret hideaways

Should be a good one!

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Baird Talk Incorrectly Dated/Bevan Lecture on Acoustics and Their Impact on Fisheries Management. Remarkable Talk.

Last minute Ocean Acidification talk incorrectly dated.  No loss, Sustainable Fisheries Talk Was Excellent.

Speaker: Rudy Kloser

Senior Research Scientist, Team Leader Deepwater Ecosystems Stat, CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Australia

spoke on:

Sound advice: Acoustical insights into deepwater fisheries and ecosystems

If you want a…


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Baird at UW Fisheries on Bevan Lecture Series, 2-17, 4:30PM /Ocean Acidification, 1 hour

Meet the congressman who co-wrote STOCK, Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge.  He will speak on the Bevans Lecture Series: Ocean Acidification.   The issue of acidic oceans is very serious. Many oceanic organisms require a naturally stable and specific ph range to grow tiny shells on their bodies. This as well as other important biological mechanisms are disrupted by acidification- the lecture will last from 4:30pm to 5:30pm and will be followed by a reception. Call Rafael Ravenet at:…


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This must be how! Very well done.

Three cheers for SNESeattle: As a relatively newcomer to the group, I was able to see various walks, interests and folks share information on producing,maintaining and distributing food, clothing and shelter- all the important things needed to conduct this business of life.  How can I describe the Meadowbrook Feb. 11 event.  I was not only lucky to be there- I was flat out awestruck by the kindness, the generosity of spirit and the deliciousness of the food.  Please do this more!  Special…


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Big Bouncing Global Messenger

I just wanted to thank the very kind individual with the globe this weekend.  1pm at Westlake Park in Seattle and the square was pretty bare.  All except for the courageous and extraordinary effort of Sam; as she favored being called.  Sam brought with her a large bouncing globe to demonstrate the "in each of our hands" feature of the planet's future!  It was all there; bouncing, rolling, spinning, flying and cajoling.  Cajoling me into the thinking and acting on issues related to reaching…


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1st Annual January Seed Swap for the Denny Park Apartments- Supporting the Urban Edible Garden

Habitat Means Life and Sustainable Downtown Seattle will be at the Denny Park Apartments, 230 8th Ave. N. Seattle, WA, 206-898-1943 for the first traditional Downtown Seattle Seed Swap on Jan. 28 1pm. There will be live music, food and beverages, The Denny Park Apartment Urban Edible Garden will celebrate the start of the year. Tenants wil draw lots at 2pm, for garden space. All's fair and lots of turf is available. bring a dish if you like.

Please Bring your fav. seeds you want to…


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Preserving the Local Food Commons: Talk

Rafael Ravenet, Director of Habitat Means Life, will speak on issues related to food sovereignty at a talk sponsored by the Green Party of Seattle.  This event will take place Dec. 7th at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle, Room 3.  Also speaking will be a successful farmer's market organizer and owner of Inner Vision Wellness, Lillie Brinker.  Both speakers will offer discourse on the subject at hand as well as introduce workable projects meant to move the…


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On Making the Virtual Garden a Reality

We all possibly know of an available indoor space getting too much sun in the summer and feeling great in the winter.  This room- if not in use, may qualify as a suitable space for a "vertical garden".  First of all, what exactly is a vertical garden?  Well, it varies according to who you ask.  This is why I choose to define the V.G. in the following manner:  Any space utilized in the cultivation of plants which has the following characteristics. 1 Indoor  2. Plants are not in the actual…


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