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Community Effort Makes Another Successful HandsOn Skills Fair

Well, it is the day after the 2015 HandsOn Skills Fair so I am reflecting on what happened there. When you are in the midst of the planning then the bustle of the event you can't always see what is happening. But today I would say that we had a  successful day based on the following: new community members that became teachers and felt their class went well; new participants that have been introduced to one of our events and some of our community and may seek out other things to get involved…


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Another HandsOn! Fair Built Skills

Well our annual HandsOn! fair is done and more people can now:  sharpen their own tools rather than send them to the dump; make their own feta, lip balm, toothpaste, soap, lotions, deodorant, nut milk, jam, tortillas, gluten free pasta and sourdough starts, mushrooms, soil, vegan food, beeswax candles, and pickles instead of buying them pre-packaged in plastic; prune and plant their gardens better; grow veggies in containers and homemade coldframes or aquaponic systems; understand why mason…


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Free Emergency First Aid Training to 90 people

Some openings left, and this should hit the news tonight.  Please feel free to distribute this to your hub teams and neighbors....

The Ballard Prepares team, a committee of the Ballard District Council, with the funding of a Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple grant and community donations, is offering free emergency first aid training to 90 people.  Our objective is to have 90…


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All Fun, No Waste - Ideas for the holidays

About a dozen NE neighbors showed up to share in Stone Soup Salad, the film "What Would Jesus Buy?" and discuss alternatives to high stress, high consumption holidays. We thought those of you that were not able to be there might want to add your ideas and read what thoughts we had.

Notes from General Meeting…


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Transition US has a little snippet about Planet:Home

Check out this link from TransitionUS about all the recent things happening in the Transition movement across the US. Including our summer festival, Planet:Home. "If we wait for government to make the changes, it will be too little too late. If we do it alone it will be too little. If we make the changes together, it might be just enough, just in time."

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A Big Shout Out to this membership, and the little things

I want to send a big shout out to all the members of this organization that participated in our Planet:Home Urban Country Fair yesterday. Whether by coming as a vendor, getting the word out, attending as a member of the community, or helping on-site as a volunteer or organizer, you contributed to building relationships within this community. The point of this kind of event is getting to know one another by having conversations that inform our lives and choices while having fun in the…


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New Transition Handbook published

FYI, there is a new addition of The Transition Handbook now in print. If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it as it is a positive outline for a new kind of lifestyle that many towns and cities all over the world have adopted. It is the handbook from which we take our guidance. If enough folks want it, perhaps there is interest in a group purchase or re-invigorating the discussion groups around this text.

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Wedgwood Wins Grant to Create Gathering Place with the Hunter Family

WEDGWOOD IS GETTING A NEW GATHERING PLACE AT HUNTER FARMS CHRISTMAS TREE LOT! Our community is asked to participate in the plan and implementation of the project. For all the details, and to SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS go to THE COMMENTS SECTION at the site address BELOW!…


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Attention all confident cyclists in NE Seattle

In an effort to launch a SPOKESPEOPLE group in this corner of the city, we are hoping that some more of the avid confident cyclists in the NE will attend the MAY 5 leader training for SPOKESPEOPLE. Presently we have 2 committed to do so. See below for details. THANK YOU so much for your attention.

Cascade Bicycle Club's…


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Spokepeople maiden voyage with Sally Bragshaw along.

The SPOKESPEOPLE ride on  Sat the 9th was very fun and informative. We stopped along the way to see the proposed sites for improvements to the roadways and additions of Bicycle Greenways that will be safer and better connections to main bike friendly routes and the Burke Gillman trail. We have…


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Community Solar meeting at REI

Are you interested in community solar and want to know what the possibilities are? Well there is a meeting about this at REI March 14th with a panel of experts who have been working on this. Go to Solar WA eNews and see more details.

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Check out the Community Centers

Our Northeast Seattle community centers are starting registration March 8th at 12pm for the spring session of classes and activities. Take a look at their catalog on the Parks Dept website Parks Dept and join the fun and learning. Brochure pdf on right hand side of the page.


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Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board needs Members

SDOT News Release

For immediate release: November 30, 2010

Contact: Richard Sheridan, (206) 684-8540

Help Get Seattleites Walking

Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board seeks new…

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Refrigerator repair person needed!

Anyone have a refrigerator repair person they know to be reliable and good? My frig is going down....

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How can we help you ride your bike more?

There is an event coming Nov 13th (Liveable Streets, see our home page) that is focused on improving the biking in our NE neighborhoods. I hope to see many of you there. And to help make this event successful, the organizers are asking people in our neighborhoods to fill out a survey about their bike riding habits and recommendations. This is a very short survey and it is focused on our section of town. Take a few minutes and fill it out. It will help Childrens assess how to best spend the 4… Continue

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Be Happy

I just read this and thought it worth sharing. We are lucky to have people like Cecile Andrews (author of this list) in town, keeping us thinking beyond the typical indicators of what is important.

There’s growing interest in the idea of Gross National Happiness! We need to measure more than the GDP, the money passing through the

system, because it doesn’t differentiate between the positive and the

negative. We need to… Continue

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Blackberry jam recipe

I am new at making jam and would like a tried and true good, easy blackberry jam recipe. Anyone have one they would like to share?

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Community Solar

Spread the word about the Informational Session for City Light’s Community Solar Program.

Northwest SEED is teaming with City Light to host an information session about the upcoming program and how people can participate.

If you are a City Light customer, please consider attending!

Saturday, September 18…

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Funny perspective


(Overheard in a conversation between God and St.



Francis, you know all about gardens and nature; what

in the world is going on down there in the U.S.? What

happened to the dandelions, violets,thistles and the

stuff I started eons ago? I had a perfect no-maintenance

garden plan. Those plants grow in any type of soil,

withstand drought,…

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What does success mean to Sustainable NE?

Last evening we celebrated our second year of existence as a community interested and actively working on our resilience and reducing our carbon footprint. Many of the people there have been doing this for decades and others have just joined the march. We celebrate all of them. We came together and talked about what being a part of SustainableNESeattle means to us and what success for us as a community would look like. The number one point mentioned in regards to meaning, was the feeling of… Continue

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