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1st Annual January Seed Swap for the Denny Park Apartments- Supporting the Urban Edible Garden

Habitat Means Life and Sustainable Downtown Seattle will be at the Denny Park Apartments, 230 8th Ave. N. Seattle, WA, 206-898-1943 for the first traditional Downtown Seattle Seed Swap on Jan. 28 1pm. There will be live music, food and beverages, The Denny Park Apartment Urban Edible Garden will celebrate the start of the year. Tenants wil draw lots at 2pm, for garden space. All's fair and lots of turf is available. bring a dish if you like.

Please Bring your fav. seeds you want to trade. A nice care description on a card or recyc. paper label will really help. Noooooooo plastic at all this year. The last Saturday of January has been traditionally the day to swap seeds and say hello!  See ya there, ?'s call 206-898-1943.

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