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An Affordable Zero Energy Off-Grid House + EV Combination

An Affordable Zero Energy Off-Grid House + EV Combination

In an increasingly crowded, complex, resource scarce, and globally interdependent world, long supply lines for energy, water, and food become perilous and subject to natural and man-made disruptions. A return to a more local and self-reliant method of resource use may be a better approach than large centralized scenarios.


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I compared a centralized energy scenario with a partly local scenario: Family I versus Family II, where both live in the same location, have the same size house and quality of appliances, and drive one or more automobiles the same distances per year.  The differences were that Family I possesses a conventional house + car combination, whereas the house for Family II was built according to the European Passive House standard, the cars were electric, and, while still connected to the electrical grid, the house and cars got their power from a large (approx. 8 KW) PV array making it a net-zero-energy house + car combination for the next 30+ years.


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