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I just picked up something from the Reality Sandwich site that some of you might be interested in checking out. And since they specifically mentioned Transition Towners in their announcement, it seems okay to post it here...

"The Evolver Social Movement launches SynchLink, tailoring the enormously popular social media site ChatRoulette, to enhance our linkage to our community of global Evolvers, Zeitgeisters, TransitionTowners, Integralites, GreenBusniks, and whoever else chooses to come on board. ChatRoulette attracts tens of millions of users per month, but if you’ve tried it, you’ve likely noticed a lack of deep discussion or good humored rapport, and a plethora of men revealing parts better left private! But it’s not the tool, it’s how you use it. In your hands, used by a community that shares interests and seeks new inspirations and ideas, we can use it to accelerate the transformation of human consciousness – and have fun making new friends at the same time. Hence we invite you to try SynchLink as a social experiment and a new way to 'find the others' so we can co-create global community."

They announce, on the Reality Sandwich site, three specific hours coming up soon when their own group interactions will be facilitated, as a start-off.

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