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Well our annual HandsOn! fair is done and more people can now:  sharpen their own tools rather than send them to the dump; make their own feta, lip balm, toothpaste, soap, lotions, deodorant, nut milk, jam, tortillas, gluten free pasta and sourdough starts, mushrooms, soil, vegan food, beeswax candles, and pickles instead of buying them pre-packaged in plastic; prune and plant their gardens better; grow veggies in containers and homemade coldframes or aquaponic systems; understand why mason bees and rain gardens are important and how they work; can do basic plumbing and electrical tasks; take advantage of the sun to cook a meal in their new solar cooker; maintain their bikes; eat healthy with sprouts; once again use the sewing machine stashed in their closet; knit or crochet a gift; build their own effective and cheap storm windows, and rain-water flushing toilet; make biochar and a cookstove out of 4 common cans; build a potato box; operate their power tools safely; envision and plan a tranquility garden or a food forest; decide if they should raise ducks, put in a cistern, or purchase an electric car; start a co-op; do their own home weatherization; dance the polka; and most of all, more people in this community know one another and hopefully will continue to share what they know with those around them.

Hopefully next year, even more people will learn these things and more. Thanks to all that came, helped, volunteered, taught and will pay it forward.

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Comment by Leo Brodie on February 11, 2013 at 5:41pm

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