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Attention all confident cyclists in NE Seattle

In an effort to launch a SPOKESPEOPLE group in this corner of the city, we are hoping that some more of the avid confident cyclists in the NE will attend the MAY 5 leader training for SPOKESPEOPLE. Presently we have 2 committed to do so. See below for details. THANK YOU so much for your attention.

Cascade Bicycle Club's next ride leader training is on May 5th at Cascade’s office at 7400 Sand Point Way. Here is some additional requirements about becoming a ride leader if people are chomping at the bit to get started.

  1. Be a current member of Cascade Bicycle Club ($35) and have reached their 18th birthday.
  2. Participate in at least 5 Cascade Daily rides (not events) and become acquainted with an experienced leader who will be their sponsor. You can start doing this now.
  3. Attend a Ride Leader Certification Session and become fully acquainted with the materials handed out, and the policies affecting Ride Leaders. May 5th . Please RSVP to
  4. Actively co-lead 2 or more rides with their sponsor AFTER fulfilling steps 1-4. The candidate should contact the sponsor before the ride, show up 20 minutes early, give the safety speech, check helmets, make sure the waiver is filled out properly, and help the sponsor as requested.

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