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BEEKEEPERS Support Group Forming, Join Us

"Hi, my name is Keith, and I am a beekeeper."  

Does this sound familiar?  Sometimes that's the way it feels, like I have to admit that I am hooked on keeping bees and I need help.

Are there others, keeping bees in Northeast Seattle, that think they could benefit from working together rather than alone, with their bees?  Regular monitoring of the bees and doing what's right to keep them happy goes a long way towards achieving a successful harvest of honey.  And I would like to team up with two or three beekeepers to work as a team.  If we get enough response, we can form more than one group based on locations.  I really want to have productive hives this year, how about you?


I am hiving 3 four-pound boxes of bees, with Queens, more honey than I can ever use in a year.  My neighbors are graciously letting me use one of their hives, in addition to the two of mine.  Beekeeping isn't cheap, and maybe the cost has put you off. If there is anyone or two people who want to purchase a share in a hive, let's do it.  You'll need to commit to the work schedule and commit financially, but as a result you will learn a lot about bees and whether you want to do more in the future; and you'll take home some of the best tasting honey ever.  

If you've never had "city honey," you are in for a treat!


Join Us, if beekeeping is something you see in your future or if you are already keeping bees and want to share the experience with others, leave a message here or email Keith, at

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Comment by Keith Mastenbrook on April 24, 2013 at 11:44am

I'm pretty sure we can borrow the hoods and gloves we will need, the real issue is time and interest, sounds like you have those.  Then the bees do most of the work.  The thing that I found out last year was that I have to establish a regular schedule of inspection.  This is often dependent upon the weather, as the bee hives cannot be opened when the condition are adverse.

Comment by Patrick Linder on April 24, 2013 at 10:41am

I'm in. Too poor to afford it; too enthusiastic to care.

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