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Happy First Day of Summer!

It's been an unusual weather season this year, hasn't it?  So much wonderful rain and early season warmth.  Kind of unusual to have so many record breaking heat days in Spring.  Although it looks like we're heading into La Nina and saying adios to El Nino, it's shaping up to be a great gardening season.  Berries are coming in with gusto, and I've been picking them all over the garden.  

I just heard from an old friend some of you may also know, Gil Schieber of Skipley Farm in Snohomish.  The former head gardener at the Good Shepard Garden in Wallingford, wrote to say that he's having a huge crop of berries, so many that he cannot keep up with all of them.  His organic farm is growing Jostaberries, Serviceberries, Raspberries, Saskatoons, Currants and soon Blueberries, Marionberries, Tayberries, and Boysenberries with be coming ripe!  

If you're looking for a U-pick opportunity, here it is.  Check him out on Facebook.

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