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I just wanted to thank the very kind individual with the globe this weekend.  1pm at Westlake Park in Seattle and the square was pretty bare.  All except for the courageous and extraordinary effort of Sam; as she favored being called.  Sam brought with her a large bouncing globe to demonstrate the "in each of our hands" feature of the planet's future!  It was all there; bouncing, rolling, spinning, flying and cajoling.  Cajoling me into the thinking and acting on issues related to reaching folks still unreached for whatever reason.  Super Bowl?  Hey Giants! 

Next year, I think I'll remember this weekend for the Feb. 4 peace message and the nice conscientious lady coming out and making a big message all on her own.  Preaching to the choir?  Sure I am. But here with Sam and her globe- the world is in all our hands, how can anyone miss noticing a 6 foot high globe? 

Thank you Sam, thank you for really getting the message out there in front of everyone- that's alot of reach for a wonderful tiny lady with a huge bouncing world!

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