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BioChar Stove Building Class for Picardo Farm P-Patch Stove - 8/22/15

Help Build a Sustainable Future
by Reinventing Fire

BioChar Stove-Building Workshop - Estufa Finca  Design

Saturday, August 22nd 2015   

Join us in building BioChar Stoves in our local Tool Library for a Picardo Farm P-Patch

This biochar stove works great as an efficient fire pit or freestanding carbon-negative BBQ in your backyard WHILE also creating biochar for your garden!

BioCharBBQUsing wood waste as fuel, this clean-burning stove is great to have as a firepit grill and to use for emergency preparedness.

At the same time, this stove also creates biochar for long-term soil improvement, locks away carbon for thousands of years, and other environmental gains.

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015            9:30AM - 2:30PM

NE Seattle Tool Library       

2415 NE 80th St               

Seattle, WA 98115   

Basic Stove 9:30am-12:30pm

CookTop/AirBase 1pm-2:30pm

We’ll build the basic Stove Base in the morning, 

In the afternoon we’ll build the CookTop and Air Base add-on 

that convert the basic stove into a BBQ grill.

Class size will be limited to 8 basic stoves and/or cooktops

Email/RSVP for details

Price Options (Cash or Check):

$50   = Learn how to build stove by just helping build someone else’s and/or build a stove for P-Patch placement.

$125 = Build & take home your own Base Stove

$50   = Build & take home your additional CookTop / Air Base, to convert basic stove into a BBQ grill


A portion of the proceeds will go for tool library operations, and to 

for their Estufa Finca Stove design 'pyroneered' by Art Donnelly.

In addition to building or taking home a stove, you’ll learn a little about how to make 

and use biochar to improve soil quality while decreasing nutrient use, 

providing a home for beneficial soil organisms, 

and reducing runoff into our waterways.

We hope to provide a mid-sized biochar stove for community use, organize a biochar stove creation tool set, promote tool libraries (and community gardens), share know-how regarding their creation and use, and other sustainable practices.

Bring work gloves (if you have them), since there will be many sharp edges! 

Goggles/safety glasses required (provided for teens).

Please fill out the BioChar Stove Workshop Registation Form to attend.


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