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Do you know about the Buy Nothing Northeast Seattle group on Facebook? It is a marvelous place to post when you have usable things you want to give away, or to ask for something you need. In other words, it's a forum for micro-local gift economy in action. I got rid of a big pile of (useless to me) rocks this week to a guy who was excited to have them for landscaping, and I gave a pair of shelves to a woman who wanted to build steps for her cat. Last month a fellow gave me a VCR when mine broke. 

Guidelines from the group page:

Here's what you can post, written in full sentences that tell a bit about yourself and why you're posting these things:- Offers of goods and services freely given or loaned.

- Requests for goods and services freely given or loaned.
- Sharing of gratitude for gifts received, friendships formed, experiences, life lessons, and other good things that being a part of this community brings to your life.
- Tutorials, suggestions, and tips that will help your fellow group members make the most of this Facebook platform or life as part of a gift economy.

Things that don't belong:

- Any selling, buying, trading, bartering, or requests for cash.
- Personal status updates that tell your Buy Nothing group friends how your day is going.
- Links to other great Facebook groups or websites.
- Requests for referrals to local businesses or professionals whose services and goods you will pay for.

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Comment by Crescent on March 20, 2014 at 10:19am

Here is the link to the group! I'm the moderator there and would love to see some of our Sustainable NE Seattle friends join our gift economy.

Comment by Teresa Kaye Lamb on February 18, 2014 at 7:35am

Hello, I am a member,  but how do I get on to Buy Nothing NE Seattle site? Thanks for any help. Teresa

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