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Community Effort Makes Another Successful HandsOn Skills Fair

Well, it is the day after the 2015 HandsOn Skills Fair so I am reflecting on what happened there. When you are in the midst of the planning then the bustle of the event you can't always see what is happening. But today I would say that we had a  successful day based on the following: new community members that became teachers and felt their class went well; new participants that have been introduced to one of our events and some of our community and may seek out other things to get involved with; returning participants who found old friends and new classes they hadn't experienced before; on the spot volunteers that stepped in to help where needed; an introduction to a new Urban Farm project with Nathan Hale HS and community members; a chance to bring new folks into the Meadowbrook Community Center for the first time; great homemade food at a well attended lunch; offers to be teachers next year from new participants; and a generally warm, smiling energy despite the rainy day outside.

Did we have a big enough attendance? I think some teachers would have liked a few more in their class rooms but almost no one complained about that. The people that were there got a lot of great information.

I am sure there are things we could improve on and we will strive for that. One thing I want to improve on is the process for involvement for anyone who wants to help organize this event. Starting now, if you think you would like to help make  future Skills Fair happen, then comment on this blog by telling us what you can bring to the organizing, and we will make note of it then keep you posted as needed. 

I also want to thank and acknowledge the help and volunteers that made the Fair happen. This is a community event and we see value in it when the community gets involved. This building community is a key to our resilience and building trust in one another, in more ways than sharing skills, as we work to over come economic and environmental challenges. Thank you.

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