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Disappointment in Copenhagen Adds to my Resolve

I am sure i am not alone in my disappointment in the news this week about Copenhagen. I have been following the story further on blogs and news sources i trust, for more information that would give me hope. Since the hope is built up then dashed in any given source, I have decided to continue to do what I can on a community level, not take the lead from governments and wait for them to get to it, but keep making sustainable, low-carbon choices in my day to day living. Just think how foolish governments will look when they finally do get a treaty passed only to find their populations reduced their driving, improved their home energy use, purchased locally, utilized mass transit, and stopped buying plastic everything, without waiting to be told to do so. Won't it be satisfying to be able to live in a community that has resolved to be resilient when resources are low and has acted on that resolve on the local level by reaching out within their communities to cooperate with one another in finding new sustainable ways to get things done. That gives me more hope than any news coming from Copenhagen. When we declared Yes We Can last year, we should believe it and do what we know we can do.

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Comment by Sue McGann on November 18, 2009 at 7:35pm
Sue here.....Thank you, my sentiments exactly. Si se puede.

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