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Forming Greater Seattle Real Food Buying Club

Hi Folks-

I thought people in this group might be interested in this. Annette writes a great blog about eating local - the url can be found at the bottom. Also, check out her blog post on this topic at

The reason this topic has come up for her is that the King County laws governing CSA's, drop points, etc. are unclear and it may be that most CSA set-ups are currently breaking the law. I certainly would like to continue getting my farm box, so I'm interested in this topic too.


Hi Everyone,

On Monday I am mailing in a list of members to the farm to consumer legal protection fund ( This organization protects your rights as a consumer or a producer.

I am filing a group membership so anyone on the list I send in Monday will be part of that group, sorry for the tight deadline.

This group was originally formed to protect raw dairy but also looks into other food matters, such as the large buys I have arranged from local farmers who don't sell at the existing farmers markets.

If you want to be included in the initial group please email me at annettecottrell(at) There is a small fee but the more folks who join the smaller it becomes. The group membership is $250 but I already have 26 members and growing so the fee would be less than $10.

If you have dairy goats or ever hope to sell your own produce, meat or other foods this is a great chance for you to get some protection for not much money. Once I file the paperwork I will provide you guys all the details I get so that you can contact the fund directly in the future should you need to.

Please feel free to pass this information on to any of your CSA farmers or friends as well, there is power in numbers.

empowering our forks,

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