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Hi there,

We have a real nice, open-able 6ft x 2ft skylight that was removed from our house during a re-roof, so that we can have more room for solar panels.  The double-paned glass and aluminum frame are completely intact, and it even has a crank and removable screen.  We asked the roofers to remove it carefully to save it, because we figured it would make a nice cold frame. However, we soon realized that we don't have room to add a cold frame this big.

It's on our deck right now, but needs to go to someone with more room in their yard/farm/nursery/demo garden than we do, so if you're interested let me know asap by replying to



Emily Bishton

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Comment by Emily Bishton on February 26, 2011 at 10:12am

The skylight has been taken and will live on as part of a garage greenhouse!


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