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There exists a wonderful resource called the Freeconomy Community, which provides an online venue for everyone to post skills, tools, and spaces we are willing to share with our neighbors. Once registered (free, of course), you can also search for a specific skill, tool or space you would like to borrow within a specified radius from your listed location. Are you building something and needing to borrow a saw or an extra set of hands to help move something? Would you like to learn how to do something without paying for a class? It's surprising how much we all have to give and how much our neighbors each have to offer. The more of us get on the site, the easier it will be for us to find each other when we need something and the more items and services we'll all have available, so I highly recommend checking it out and spreading the word. I have been registered on the site for quite a while now and have only had very positive experiences interacting with other people listed on there.
The URL is

Also worth exploring are the Seattle Free School which offers free classes on whatever volunteers care to teach and the Phinney Neighborhood Association Tool Lending Library which lends tools to members for a very small borrowing fee .

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Comment by Leo Brodie on October 3, 2009 at 2:55pm
Thanks, Elise. I joined. It's fun to list all your skills.

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