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Grow Food Not Grass! Join the Sod Cutting Spree on April 6th and benefit the Just Garden Project!

Remove your lawn and benefit the Just Garden Project (JGP), sponsor of Spring into Bed!

When:  April 6th

Who:  Anyone who want to remove their lawn/sod! Neighbors are preferred! Companies! Volunteers!   Please contact if you want to enter your own team into the event.


Cascadia Edible Landscapes is one of the many people,organizations, and businesses raising fund$ to support the JGP. CEL does this by removing of as many lawns as possible. A team of 2-4 people come to your place and cut and roll sod to help  your gardening adventures.   Additional fees will apply if you would like us to haul the material later in the week.    Also, Volunteers will help increase the proceeds!


Your yard and/or neighborhood. We hope to focus on  several neighborhoods. SCALLOPS and other neighborhood groups encouraged to participate.   We want a minimum of 3 neighbors in a neighborhood to sign up.


Proceeds of the day benefit the JGP, which builds gardens and mentors low-income/marginalized gardeners, and Spring into Bed, (county-wide gardenbuild day and celebration set for May 14th!) Also, we feel much joy when we (A) remove lawns and (B) help you and your community get your gardens started

How Much for (soon to be former) lawn-owners:

Initial $100 charge covers sod-cutter, truck use, and  (volunteer) team showing up at your  place. If there are at least  a couple other people in your neighborhood who also want sod removed, we can split the charge between you.

The cost for cutting sod is 0.75/square foot with a minimum of 100 sq feet. Remember: this is a fund-raiser.      Additional fees apply if you want CEL to haul away material later in the week.  How: Contact if you want your lawn removed or if you want to help remove sod.  

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