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If you are considering adding nuts to your edible mix, I recommend that you attend the December meeting of the Seattle Tree Fruit Society (Dec. 10 – 10:00 – Magnuson Park – Brig Building).  At this gathering, we are fortunate to have Michael Dolan presenting a unique topic:  Growing Nuts in the Pacific Northwest.  Michael is well known in fruit growing circles, as he and his family own and operate Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchard in Onalaska, Washington.  Burnt Orchard Nursery carries 15 species of nut trees, and a total of over 75 different varieties.  They are also producers, selling nuts at the Olympia Farmers Market.  If you have any interest in adding nut trees to your collection, this program will provide a good first step to learn about their culture in our area.  Burnt Ridge Orchards also have a well-deserved reputation as a producer of hardy kiwis, which they also sell at the Olympia Farmers Market.  I’m sure Michael will be happy to answer questions about kiwi culture, as well.  The meetings are free and open to the public

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